Leigh Durst Featured in the Documentary “Social Good in a Digital Age”

February 21, 2019 2:01 pm Published by

In 2011, Leigh Durst and a band of SXSW influencers created the SXSWCares  SXSW4Japan fundraiser. Moved by the catastrophic events that unfolded during the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, this simple fundraiser went viral.  Together with partner Rob Wu, and others, the SXSW Cares team raised over $150k in donations to support tsunami victims in under five days.  The Red Cross estimated that hundreds-of-thousands more in text donations were generated.  The overwhelming viral success of the team’s fundraiser motivated the Public Interest Registry (PIR) to include SXSW4Japan in its 2015 documentary, “Social Good in a Digital Age,” comparing the movement along side Wikipedia and the #Occupy movement.  You can watch it here!  Note:  the SXSW Cares section of the documentary featuring Leigh Durst and Rob Wu begins at 12:47.